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Vehicle Wraps


Vehicle wraps grab attention effortlessly. Wrap your vehicle or fleet with 803 Labs and have everyone in the Carolinas looking your way! Contact us today with your year, make, model and number of vehicles and we’ll get you a quote right away.

Van wrap of Myrtle Beach


Vehicle wraps are an undeniable asset to any business. Billboards are a thing of the past and most people have become blind to them. Vehicle wraps are sure to be noticed as they are at eye level and traveling alongside countless potential customers every day. Billboards not only easily blend into any background, but they come with recurring fees on top of the other extraordinary expenses that come along with advertising with billboards. 



With vehicle wraps there is only a one time fee, creating a much more secure investment for your business. For as long as your car is running, you’ll have a mobile ad campaign. And when your vehicle has run its course, there’s always the option to use it as a stationary advertisement, drawing attention to your business from wherever you choose. 

We use vinyl of the highest quality and durability for our vehicle wraps, ensuring your vehicle or fleet will stay wrapped after years of driving, all types of weather and even the most diligent of washes. 


Custom wrapped vehicle


Fleet wraps are a sound investment for many businesses, particularly those with a larger crew on board. If you have or feel you need multiple company cars, you should inquire about our fleet wrap options. Fleet wraps come with bulk pricing to assure your investment pays for itself even faster than you would expect. 

Let us know the year, make and model of what you’ve got that you would like us to wrap and we’ll get back to you with a quote right away.