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Get Wrapped at 803!

Vinyl wrapping offers a sleek and finished look to advertise whatever you want, on whatever surface you choose. We are living in a prime-time for visual advertising, and vinyl wraps are taking the lead as one of the best ways to grab attention for your brand.

Daily Advertising Made Easy

Everywhere your vehicle goes, so does your ad. Billboards are overly expensive for how few people look at them, let alone retaining valuable information. With vehicle wraps, not only do you avoid outrageous recurring fees to maintain your ad, your brand information is being seen by many more people and for longer periods of time.

Van wrap of Myrtle Beach
Graphics and logos for fleets

Be Sure to Be Seen

Fleet wraps will assure your brand is seen far and wide, day in and day out. Our commercial wraps pay for themselves in no time with high advertising value, not to mention the discount we offer for bulk vehicle wrapping.

Your One-Stop Shop for Table Tops

Table-top wraps are perfect for any business. With durable, high tac vinyl, they are easy to clean and boost the aesthetic of any area. A single color vinyl can take a drab table and turn it into a new, sleek version of itself. Designs to match your business or your own logo can be created as well, assuring your branding image stays consistent and looks professional. Read more about table top wrapping options.

Making the Cut

Cut vinyl is the perfect addition to any business. Cleanly displayed infographics for hours of operation and other necessary information can be passed along easily with the smooth look of cut vinyl. Display your logo proudly wherever you see fit or add some vibrancy to any room with a custom-designed wall decal, the options are endless with cut vinyl. Check out just a few of our many cut vinyl options.

Custom cut vinyl graphics
Wrapped refrigerator

What Can Be Wrapped?

Short answer—almost anything. We have wrapped everything from bike frames to vans with surf boards, refrigerators, desks, tables, stools and more in between. If you have anything you would like redecorated, there’s a good chance we can do just that with a meticulously applied wrap, assuring for a smooth and impressive finish. Vinyl wapping can add emphasis to your brand and gather the attention of new clients. 

for temporary displays

We custom create every wrap job in-house, meticulously assuring every detail is perfect and to your specific standards. We use a solvent printer to bring you the most vivid colors and images. Our vinyl printing options vary from high gloss to matte laminates and low tac to ultra tac vinyl. Low tac is a low adhesive vinyl, perfect for being able to be moved from place to place with easy removal. You won’t lose the adhesive when relocating low tac vinyl, which is one of the many benefits to using this material.

or permanent fixtures

Ultra tac is a high adhesive vinyl that is great for any surface you would like to stay wrapped indefinitely. Cast and calendar are medium tac and the most commonly used. Feel free to stop in and take a look for yourself at the different vinyl options we have available. Whatever you have in mind, let us know and we will do whatever we can to actualize it. Call or visit us today and let us know what we can do for you. Between our custom designs and photographic printing capabilities, the possibilities are endless for your business, organization or event.