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Kid's Art Reproduction

Inspire confidence in your mini michaelangelos

Have an aspiring artist or two at home? Give them a confidence boost by turning their art into cards, magnets, prints and more!

Our Process

Artists from all over trust 803 Labs to reproduce their work with precision and attention to the finest details. While we don’t doubt the talent of your young ones, we’re offering a less fine-tuned digital capture so we can offer a lower price for these reproductions. This process will not include our trusted and lengthy color matching process, instead offering a high resolution digital capture that may be a shade or two off.


Package Deals:

We’ve put together a few packages with optimal pricing, but you can put together your own custom order as well. 

Package A- $29
(1) 8″x10″ artisanal matte print
(4) wallet photos
(4) 2″x3″ fridge magnets 

Package B- $36.50
(1) 8″x10″ artisanal matte print
(12) wallet photos
(6) 2″x3″ fridge magnets

Package C- $47
(8) wallet photos
(4) 2″x3″ fridge magnets
(25) folded 4×6 cards

Ordering Seperately:

None of the packages calling your name? Not to fear, we’ve got plenty of options for every family. Each piece of art scanned is $10. Listed below reflects pricing in addition to each scan.

Art on thumbdrive – $10
8″x10″ artisanal matte print – $7.70
2″x3″ fridge magnets – $3.50
Set of 4 wallet prints – $0.99 
Set of 25 4″x6″ folded cards – $27.50
Set of 25 4″x6″ flat cards – $16.25

These are just a few of the endless options for your kid’s art! Call or email us with any questions as to what else we can do.