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New ROES Die-Cut Wallets Canvas Sale

ROES Has New Features:

Favorites - If you have a product or template you use all the time save it in your favorites.
More Fonts - ROES now allows you to use your font catalog when placing orders.
Save for Later - Some orders are just too large to just do at once. Use the new feature Save for later so you can just to your order.

Die-Cut Wallets:
Our Die-Cut Wallets are about 2.25x3.25 inches borderless with rounded corners. The minumum quanitity for Die-Cut wallet prints is 8 prints from the same image or 8 different images.(different images only available in ROES).
Museum Canvas:
Museum stretching is a beautiful way to display your canvas prints as works of art. The canvas material is wrapped completely around the stretcher frame with your printed image showing on all 4 sides. No framing necessary! For the Premium 1.5 inches Profile Style, you will need a lot more extra space than usual around your subject(s) without losing essential features, therefore make certain your subject is positioned accordingly.
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