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Photographic printing

Photo printing

803 Labs began as a film developing, processing and printing studio in Myrtle Beach, and has expanded over the years to offer many additional photographic options. Among those are scanning, photo restoration, manipulation as well as mounting and lamination. We also provide fine art reproduction as well as postcard and greeting card printing.

Canvas Prints

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Discover Lost Details

Photos are fragile, they lose detail and acquire damage over time. If your photos aren’t quite what they used to be, we can bring them back to their prime with the work of our dedicated restoration expert. Photo restoration is a meticulous process and we strive to bring photos back to their original glory, displaying details that became too faded to be seen by the naked eye.

Photo restoration

Fine Art Reproduction

For artists of any caliber, we are happy to provide art reproduction. Many artists are overly critical of their own work and don’t even consider getting their work reproduced but those who have can tell you what a great surprise it is to make sales that they never expected. Even if you never intend to make a sale, canvas prints of your art make a fantastic and personal gift for friends and family. Check out our process and consider having your best work reproduced.

803 Labs Expert Color Matching

Life Isn't Perfect, but Your Photos Can Be

Whether you want your background a bit emptier or your family didn’t take a single photo with everyone’s eyes open, we can help. If you’re not entirely happy with any of your photos, we are able to add or remove elements of your choosing with photo manipulation. Whatever you want done to your photo to make it better for you or whoever may receive it, we’ll do our best to make it happen. Click below to find out more about what can be done through photo manipulation.



Mounting and Lamination

Keep your images looking shiny and new with our options for mounting or lamination. Photos are available to be mounted on foamcore or styrene, two durable materials that will keep your photos from tearing, wrinkling or folding, as well as canvas. Multiple finishes are available for this option as well. Lamination is another great way to assure the longevity and illustriousness of your images.