Our new card templates are in, check them out today!

We’ve got our new 2021 holiday card templates out!

The 803 Labs Crew Favorites:

The font features gold script and the back a light color and pattern, making this perfect for the shimmer card stock option we have available. 

Choose up to three pictures alongside text wishing friends and family a happy new year. The hand drawn 

Two sided card with three photo placement options. A semi-gloss card stock such as silk would go well with this card.

A singe sided vertical card featuring a  for a simple way to reach out to friends and family during the holidays.

A double sided 5×7 card featuring a large image space on the front with a few kind words to send from your family, and a smaller image and customizable text on the back.

A single sided 5×7 Hanukkah card with four photo panels. A matte type of card stock such as artisan would look great with this card. For more Hanukkah card options, browse here.

Finding the Right Card and Sending Options

Picking out and sending cards can be a task during the holidays, but we’re here to make it as smooth as possible. If you’re having trouble picking out a card or perhaps want a completely custom card designed for you, contact us by either calling, emailing or coming into the shop at 1614 Executive Avenue, Myrtle Beach, SC. Let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance, we’re always here to help, however we can. 

Another way in which we’re here to help make sending out cards as easy as possible, is envelope printing. Give us a list of your recipients and we’ll print their addresses directly onto the envelope, along with your return address and your choice of holiday embellishments. We’ll even provide the stamps!

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