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803 Labs Celebrates 30 Years In Business

30 Years BAdge

A picture is worth a thousand words. But a memory is worth a billion more words.

Photos bring our memories to life in a way digital media and the internet can’t. Visual storytelling can help expand your business or preserve special family moments. We are the southeast’s leading independent photography lab. For over thirty years, 803 Labs, Inc. has worked with professional photographers, amateur photographers, small business owners, interior designers and more to create memories and preserve them.

riginally, for the first two years, from 1992-1994 our photo studio was located inside of Myrtle Square Mall, even including Glamour photos and a 1- hour photo!

Then in 1994, current CEO Tony Wiggins takes over and moves across the street to set up a photo lab that caters to professional photographers. 

“The Grand Strand’s Full Service Photo Lab”

Settling in to our new home across the street from Myrtle Beach Square Mall, we are the first photo lab in the area to go digital. Our lab is on 27th Avenue in Myrtle Beach. Our name was changed to Myrtle Beach Photo Plus. We even had a drive-through. 

“Following the Evolution of Photography” 

In 2004, we started selling cameras in a building with a lighthouse. We removed our drive-through, but enlarged our lab. At the time we had large community art shows. We also expanded our photo and photo printing business. In 2008, we changed our name to 803 Labs, Inc. in a desire to reach a larger community.

“Make a better photographer, they take more photos, we print more photos”

In 2009, changes in the economy, growth of the internet and changing actions of all photographers (everyone just started printing less). We chose to downsize our location, let go of retail camera sales, and return to our roots, high quality printing. We expanded our presence online. We added more services Art Reproduction, Wallpaper, Banners, Decals and More. We even started producing prints as large as 45’ x 17’.  We also started developing film again. Our drive-through even returned.

803 Labs, Inc, celebrates our 30th anniversary! We remain the regions only independent photo lab. Our business offers photo prints, film scanning, art reproduction, photo restoration, film processing, wallpaper, banners and more.   

“Color Matching is in our DNA”

Expert-level color matching, competitive pricing, and superior customer service–that’s the 803 way.

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