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Restoration and Manipulation

Photo Restoration

Photographs can be historical relics enjoyed throughout generations, and while they may last for decades, they are vulnerable to fading, tearing and wrinkling over time. Before you decide a photograph is all but lost, bring it into 803 Labs and look at an old family image like you’ve never seen it before. You’ll see details you were never able to notice before or may have forgotten about. Reach out to us if you have any questions about the process or the pricing of this service.


Out of Your Photos

Restoring worn photos is a meticulous and precise process, and our photo restoration expert has an eye for perfecting details. Whether they’ve been weather damaged or details have simply been lost over time, we aim to give life anew to your most cherished memories. 

Photo restoration can give you an entirely new perspective on photos that you’ve seen your entire life, enhancing details lost to the early technology of an era.

Your Photos Don’t Leave


Our entire process is done in-house, meaning you don’t have to worry about possible in-transit damage or trusting an unknown company with your delicate photographs. When you bring in your photos, you’ll get to speak with our restoration expert directly and get to know what we’ll be doing to revive your images and who will be handling them. There is no restoration or manipulation job too big or small for us.

We’ll give you a quote based on how long it takes to complete the job and the skill required to do so. Our quotes are established upfront, so you won’t be surprised with any hidden charges or anything written in fine-print.

If you have any questions, send us a message.

Photo restoration

What to do With Damaged Pictures?

Don’t fret over water damaged, sun faded or torn photographs, we can have them looking better than new in no time, and digital copies saved so you don’t have to think about further damage happening to your images. Are any of your photos stuck to glass? Don’t worry, and don’t try to remove them. We will clean the glass until it’s totally clear and scan the photo through the glass, avoiding any further damage.


It’s hard to find a professionally shot photo that hasn’t been manipulated to some extent. There are countless ways in which we can alter your photos here at 803 Labs, it’s just a matter of what you would like to see. Simple alterations such as color and tone changes can be done, as well as more intricate manipulations, such as masking unwanted elements and creating a single perfect shot with the combination of multiple photos.


Flawless Shots of Your Family

A perfect shot of your entire family can seem like an impossible task. If you have some great shots but there’s not one in which everyone is captured ideally, bring or send us a few of your best shots and we will combine the images to create one perfect shot of your family.