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Film is Back in Myrtle Beach

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbyist shooting the gorgeous Carolina coastline, an artist or professional photographer sticking to their roots, shooting traditional film is a satisfying experience. At 803 Labs, we enjoy the analog feel that comes with shooting and processing film, taking pride in being apart of a process that rewards time and patience with an exciting end result. We develop film using only traditional C-41 silver halide film. 

We can deliver the film on a roll, print the images onto one of our many options of photographic mediums, or scan and deliver it via flash drive, disk or uploaded online. Processed negatives are typically available for pick up by 4 o’clock on Thursday. Reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about film processing or if you are interested in shipping us film, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may still have!

Why shoot film

For artists of any caliber, we are happy to provide art reproduction. Many artists are overly critical of their own work and don’t even consider getting their work reproduced but those who have can tell you what a great surprise it is to make sales that they never expected. Even if you never intend to make a sale, canvas prints of your art make a fantastic and personal gift for friends and family.

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For the amateur photographer

Shooting with film forces you to be in the moment with your photograph. It is a skill you work hard to master and watch as your photographs begin to turn out exactly as you intend, exceeding your own expectations as your skills grow. Now rather than results you may be fine with, but not thrilled over, as what can easily happen with digital—you become a master of your craft, taking pride in every snap. 

You can learn techniques that most only achieve through digital filters, setting you apart from the rest with vintage and otherworldly results using nothing but your own skillset and know-how. Between our custom designs and photographic printing capabilities, the possibilities are endless for your business, organization or event.

For the professional

Shooting film can offer a unique and cherished experience for your clientele. Many clients have romantic and nostalgic notions toward traditional photographic film and understand the skill level that it takes to work with it, setting you apart from your completely digital peers. Your images will be unmatched once they have been processed by our expert film developing team, finished with your choice of silk, glossy, luster, or matte media.

You can even take it up a notch by printing it onto stretched canvas or mounting onto sturdy foamcore for durable images that won’t succumb to damage as easily as regular photographs. When you choose to develop your negatives with 803 Labs, you get to rest assured that your negatives are being handled properly and processed perfectly. Myrtle Beach’s top photographers can attest to the meticulous work that is done here.

For the artist

Chances are that as an artist, you can appreciate things that take a little longer and require more skill to complete for an unmatched result. You may also enjoy the timeless feel to shooting film, a process revered for dozens of decades and still delivering some of the most premier prints on the market. Imitations of traditional styles that are relevant only to film can be attempted, but nothing shot digitally with the intention of adding a vintage feel can match the authenticity of film.

In any case, shooting C-41 film can be a deeply rewarding and interesting experience and we hope you’ll trust our decades of experience in film developing to develop yours with care. If you have any questions about our film processing, how to ship, or our current rates, please give us a call at (843)-497-8803 or visit our Myrtle Beach location at 1614 Executive Avenue. (A little tricky to find, but once you’ve spotted the pink mailbox, you’ve made it.)

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